Hey, my name is . You found my secret area.

Virtual Pet Online is a place for me to share projects and little pieces of stuff I've found while wandering the corners of the internet. A throwback to the era of the personal website. I want this to look more crazy and stupid looking. More gifs. More Crap. This website looks best on a desktop of most resolutions. It is somewhat functional on mobile. Flashing images and bright colors are here.

4/10/2023 a links page exists now, a linkback button also exists now, the tv is operational

3/27/2023 hi so i started this project back in june of 2022, got extremely busy with life tasks and responsibilities, and then returned to it now and have basically forgotten all my HTML/CSS/Java skills in that time but im launching this anyway as a motivator to keep working on it and do something with it??? so if you're here thanks for visiting... i hope this will become a relaxing and fun hobby again... i have a lot of fun ideas and i hope that i can make them happen!

WHOA!!! You are visitor number !!!